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Specializing in the Planning, Design, Production and Construction of Custom Timber Frame Homes, Barns & Structures

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ALDER RIVER TIMBER FRAMES specializes in the fabrication and construction of custom timber frame homes and structures using traditional methods of handcrafted, oak pegged, mortise and tenon joinery.

If you are a property owner planning to build your dream home, Alder River Timber Frames can help you make your dream become a reality.

If you are a building professional looking for a reliable supplier you can entrust with a challenging timber frame structure, you'll find Alder River Timber Frames to be an ideal choice.

Alder River Timber Frames' management has more than twenty five years experience coordinating with owners, builders, architects, and engineers to meet demanding construction budgets and deadlines without compromising quality.


To find out how Alder River Timber Frames can help you with your residential or commercial projects, please do not hesitate to call or E-Mail us. We will be pleased to work with you to discuss your plans and ultimately design and build a timber frame home that meets all of your needs, desires, lifestyle and your budget.

f you would like to take the next step, just give us a call today, Toll Free at (888)-FRAMERZ,  (888-372-6379)  or complete the following form."

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Alder River Timber Frames, LLC
P.O. Box 1754
Bethel, Maine  04217
Toll Free: (888)-FRAMERZ


What We Do......

Whatever your tastes or timber frame requirements, Alder River Timber Frames offers the craftsmanship and versatility to provide you with the timber work you desire for your project.

Alder River Timber Frames also provides and installs heavy timber trusses and roof systems for clients who require the span or desire the vaulted space and atmosphere that a timber framed roof can provide, but prefer the walls to be of another type of construction, such as stud, masonry, or log walls.

Here are some of the types of structures we can timber frame:
New Residences Additions
Working barns Carriage houses
Workshops Bridges
Porches Pool houses
Gazebos Cabins

Timber frame construction offers tremendous versatility in style and appearance. An old-world look can be accomplished using either reclaimed antique timbers or new timbers with a hand-hewn or hand-planed finish. A formal atmosphere can be created by using planed timbers with chamfered edges, arched braces, and other embellishments. A more informal country or even rustic, barn-style look is accomplished with rough sawn timbers, straight braces, and simple, straightforward design. A modern or contemporary interior is accomplished using planed timbers with slightly rounded edges, a light stain, and a design that features clean, straight lines.

Species selection and surface finish play major roles in defining the look and feel of a timber frame. We provide high-quality timber in several species, including southern yellow pine, eastern white pine, red and white oak, Douglas fir, and cypress. For surface finish, we offer rough-sawn, machine planed, hand planed, hand-hewn, and hand-scraped surfaces to provide you with the look and texture you desire. We have developed a reliable network of professional suppliers who consistently provide us with high quality material.


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