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Specializing in the Planning, Design, Production and Construction of Custom Timber Frame Homes, Barns & Structures

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Timber Framers Guild
the fabrication and construction of custom timber frame homes and structures using traditional methods of handcrafted, oak pegged, mortise and tenon joinery.

If you are a property owner planning to build your dream home, Alder River Timber Frames can help you make your dream become a reality.

If you are a building professional looking for a reliable supplier you can entrust with a challenging timber frame structure, you'll find Alder River Timber Frames to be an ideal choice.

Alder River Timber Frames' management has more than twenty five years experience coordinating with owners, builders, architects, and engineers to meet demanding construction budgets and deadlines without compromising quality.


If you are looking for something different in a new home .....

... then a Alder River Timber Frames home is the right choice for you. Our homes are unique. They provide the most solid wooden structure that can be built while appealing to primary and secondary home buyers in suburban, lakeside, mountain and coastal areas alike. It's a refreshing alternative to the 'cookie cutter' look and feel that has become all too popular.

Alder River Timber Frame homes enhances your sense of open space, casual elegance, exquisite design, unique style and value. If you love warmth, integrity, and the beauty of wood, then you will truly enjoy the quality of design, materials and service that we offer.

Timber frame homes are nothing new. They are an age-old European tradition of fine craftsmanship using timbers as posts and beams to frame and support the house. In the last 25 years, Timber frame homes have become increasingly popular because of their extensive design flexibility, large vaulted ceiling capabilities and natural wood aesthetics.

Our goal is to develop a building program that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

- How to Get Started -

As with any great masterpiece, it takes time. Once you've got land and are ready to begin, we will move quickly and carefully through the following phases of your home building program. Whether you already have house plans or don't know where to begin, we will guide you through the complete process so you achieve the home of your dreams.

THE PROCESS .....   [ also seen here: htttp://

Phase 1 Defining Parameters Weeks: 1-2
Phase 2 Program Development Weeks: 4-6
Phase 3 Design Deposit & Plan Review Weeks: 6-12
Phase 4 Construction Planning & Specification Weeks: 6-12
Phase 5 Contracts, Permits & Groundbreaking Weeks: 28-33
Phase 6 Delivery, Frame Raising & Move-In 6-9 Months


Phase 1

Confirming Your Desires (1-2 weeks)— Ask yourself and answer these questions:

  • What size home fits my needs?
  • What is my construction budget?
  • What level of quality will satisfy me?
  • When do I want to begin construction?
  • When do I want to move in?
  • What are my “must have,” “like to have,” and “dream list” requirements?

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Phase 2

Program Development (4-6 weeks)

We will meet to discuss your ideas, priorities and budget. We promise to listen and to understand your expectations of your new home. You may have photographs or magazine clippings of homes and floor plans that appeal to you that might provide a point of reference.  We will arrange to visit your site and consider with you how to best place your home to take full advantage of its natural assets: sun, shade, access, privacy and distant views.

After becoming familiar with your goals (architecture, style, lifestyle, budget), we will prepare conceptual sketches, a working estimate, and a realistic timetable for creating your new home. During one or more subsequent meetings, we will review the proposed floor plans and elevations in the context of your site and design program.

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Phase 3

Design Deposit & Plan Review (6-12 weeks)

Once this proposal is satisfactory to you, we will initiate the Design Deposit Agreement for the preparation of your Preliminary Plans. This requires a deposit.

Once we receive your Preliminary Plans, we will work together to review the plans to see if they still meet your design expectations. We will also determine if the project price fits appropriately within your overall construction budget.  We can even send this set of plans (it's thorough enough) with your specifications to subcontractors to get estimates on the finished cost. We will revise the plans as necessary and note changes by “red lining” the plan.

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Phase 4

Construction Planning & Specifications (6-12 weeks)

Once corrections are noted, the plans are returned to the Designer for the preparation of your Construction Plans. Construction plans are far more detailed. They contain specific information useful to the subcontractors for bidding. They also serve as the basis for defining the total “build-out” cost of your new home.

While updates are being done on the plans, we can finalize the list of specifications which includes your choice of products and finishes such as floor covering, bathroom fixtures, interior doors, etc. As part of the building process, you will be making many choices from a wide range of options. We will be able to assist you in making these choices.

Once we receive your Construction Plans from the Designer, we will work together to review the plans to see if any final changes are necessary. We will revise the plans as necessary and note changes by “red lining” the plan.

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Phase 5

Contracts, Permits, & Groundbreaking (28-33 weeks)

Once we've determined that everything is on track, it is time to place an order with Alder River Timber Frames for your house construction. The Order/Contract requires a deposit, the signed Construction plans and a requested date for shipment of materials. After the package order is placed, we will prepare Frame Plans (also called Final Plans) which include any final changes we've made and the specific timber drawings for your unique post and beam home.

While the Frame Plans are being drawn, the contracts with our subcontractors will be signed. If engineering approval is not required, the can proceed with obtaining the building permits.

Depending on where you are building, a local Structural Engineer may be required to review and certify the plans in compliance with local building code regulations. This effort involves design analysis related to snow, wind and soil considerations. Rest assured that Alder River Timber Frames has already designed their portion of the building in accordance with these parameters; however, local certification is often mandatory and engineering necessary for non-related items such as foundations, retaining walls and conventionally framed structures. If required, we will need to add 2-3 weeks for Engineering approval and stamped drawings before obtaining necessary permits.

Next, the lot can be excavated, the driveway cut, and the foundation installed. The goal is to have the foundation capped with sub-flooring in place when the frame package is scheduled to arrive.

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Phase 6
Delivery, Frame Raising, & Move-in (6-9 months)

When the trucks arrive with your timber frame, we will take inventory of all materials and begin erecting the frame (1-2 weeks). The remaining materials will enclose the exterior walls, roof, windows and doors (2-3 weeks). Next, the interior walls are assembled and plumbing and electrical rough-in completed. A representative from Alder River Timber Frames will be on site to direct the frame raising. We will remain onsite to manage all parties as your home takes shape. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the entire building experience.

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What We Do......

Whatever your tastes or timber frame requirements, Alder River Timber Frames offers the craftsmanship and versatility to provide you with the timber work you desire for your project.

Alder River Timber Frames also provides and installs heavy timber trusses and roof systems for clients who require the span or desire the vaulted space and atmosphere that a timber framed roof can provide, but prefer the walls to be of another type of construction, such as stud, masonry, or log walls.

Here are some of the types of structures we can timber frame:
-  New Residences -  Additions
-  Working barns  - Carriage houses
-  Workshops -  Bridges
-  Porches - P ool houses
-  Gazebos -  Cabins

Timber frame construction offers tremendous versatility in style and appearance. An old-world look can be accomplished using either reclaimed antique timbers or new timbers with a hand-hewn or hand-planed finish. A formal atmosphere can be created by using planed timbers with chamfered edges, arched braces, and other embellishments. A more informal country or even rustic, barn-style look is accomplished with rough sawn timbers, straight braces, and simple, straightforward design. A modern or contemporary interior is accomplished using planed timbers with slightly rounded edges, a light stain, and a design that features clean, straight lines.

Species selection and surface finish play major roles in defining the look and feel of a timber frame. We provide high-quality timber in several species, including southern yellow pine, eastern white pine, red and white oak, Douglas fir, and cypress. For surface finish, we offer rough-sawn, machine planed, hand planed, hand-hewn, and hand-scraped surfaces to provide you with the look and texture you desire. We have developed a reliable network of professional suppliers who consistently provide us with high quality material.


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